They capture not just the moment, but also the very core of the story! There’s just so much life in their shots and editing 💕 It’s as if they’ve been there since Day 1 of our relationship ❤️ They are truly the best “film makers” of God’s written scripts!


What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Should I say that working with Taavi and Filterpan was an awesome experience? Should I say that their spectacular shots evoke lots of positive emotions?

It’s true what they say about not being able to fully absorb everything during your big day. What, with everything happening all at the same time and everything going through your head. That’s why having good photographers and videographers is key when you revisit the memories.

When everything’s said and done, and it’s time to revisit everything during your big day, you want to make sure that the footage gives it justice. With Taavi Films and Filterpan, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

They not only document everything, they make it a point to make the videos worth revisiting over and over. My wife and I have seen our prenup and SDE more than a hundred times, and we always get something new every time.

Speaking of our prenup shoot, when we filmed ours, it rained more than half the time. We thought the day was going to be a disaster but, Taavi and Filterpan still managed to make everything work.

They use natural lighting, and they capture all the candid moments to make everything feel organic. Their taste in music is great, and their edits are astounding. From that moment on, we just knew that Taavi and Filterpan was the perfect choice. You won’t ever regret teaming up with this magnificent crew!

Definitely! A group of believers that works in the body of Christ! Very professional and has a heart in what they do! Thank you so much for covering our wedding from start to finish! You deserve 10 stars! 😄 We thank God for this group!


One of our favorite suppliers! 💕We thank the Lord for leading us to this team full of passion and heart for what they do. First meeting pa lang namin, we know that they are the video team that we are looking for. Come wedding day, napakagaan nila ka trabaho. Parang mga tropa mo lang. What we love about them is how they capture the emotions, and realness of the moment. Thank you, Taavi Films for a heartfelt sde and most of all, for the friendship! We love you, guys! 🤗


Me and my dear wife were blessed by the wonderful people at Taavi who covered our wedding. They don’t just know how to tell a story, which they do very very well, they also feature the message behind the story. And we say again, they do their work well, pouring heart, effort, inspiration and excellence to their craft. The team was also very humble and easy to work with. One of the easiest recommendations we can give. Praise God for you and God bless you! 



Hello Taavi Films Team,

Anton and I would like to say a massive thank you for being a part of our wonderful wedding. ☺️ The videos especially the SDE bring back all the happy memories of our wedding day. You guys did an awesome job, we absolutely love it!

You all are true and talented artists! We appreciate all your time, hard work and personal attention to our day. The clips, the editing, the music, everything’s wonderful! 😃 Everyone in the team was professional and easy going and it helped Anton and I feel comfortable both on the prenup shoot and wedding day. We would highly recommend you to anyone.

Thanks again for capturing our day so beautifully. We will cherish the videos forever. God bless your team and we wish you continued success. 😀

Best Regards,
Anton and Lheean



The whole team has a heart that will move you and make you feel that working with them was such a blessing.

Me and my husband are thankful because they were able to show how extremely happy we were during our wedding. We may not know them at first, but we eventually opened up and in no time, they made us feel like a family that was being well taken cared of.

They made a huge contribution to our special day and made it so unique (in a remarkable way) like what every couple dreamed of.

Thank you so much for the wonderful time working with you all. Your team is considered as God’s gift to us!